Uplift Recovery Homes is focused on providing safe and sober environments for recovering addicts and alcoholics in Maryland. All of our houses are certified by the state of Maryland through M-CORR and strive to exceed licensing requirements. We try to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and accountability among residents. We believe that the house functions best, as a whole and for the individual, when everybody has input and responsibilities within the house. To achieve this we abide by the "social model approach" which empowers residents by providing leadership positions and forums where they can have input on house issues and the decision making process. All of these principles create a solid foundation from which each resident can build and implement their own plan for long-term recovery. It is our goal have every resident move on to a full and prosperous life outside of any structured living environment when they are ready.

Let us know through the "Contact Us" page if you would like to receive a copy of the house rules and regulations.